Bankruptcy, restructuring and insolvencies

The Firm has a weel-known area of Insolvency Law, restructuring and insolvency integrated by professionals with a multidisciplinary profile who give the best response to a particularly complex procedure such as insolvency, where different branches of the legal system converge.

Since the entry into force of the Bankruptcy Law, the Firm has participated in numerous bankruptcy proceedings by appointing its professionals to bankruptcy administration positions in various business sectors.

As attorneys for the debtor, the Firm provides advice from the moment of the application for bankruptcy and throughout the entire bankruptcy procedure.

During the pre-bankruptcy period, the Firm’s professionals are specialized in negotiations with creditors and financial restructuring measures to avoid bankruptcy, analysis of the company’s labor structure, the effects of the bankruptcy declaration, sources of financing and the determination of the costs of the procedure.

At the time of the bankruptcy, BROSETA offers comprehensive advice on everything related to the development of the procedure and until its completion, continuing negotiations with creditors to reach an agreement that allows the company to continue its activity.

Likewise, in defence of creditors, the Firm provides services in the management of bankruptcy credits, the objection of reports, the resolution of contracts, defence in actions for reinstatement, the study of the agreement or liquidation plan and measures leading to the recovery of the credit.