Construction and infrastructures

BROSETA has a team of multidisciplinary professionals with extensive experience in the management of Public Private Partnership initiatives in the field of Construction and Infrastructures, having participated in some of the most relevant projects in the country.

The Firm specialises in advising the Public Administration on projects for the promotion and construction of public infrastructures and in the provision of services, advice to public works concession companies and the management of services (motorways, roads, ports, airports, underground lines, health management, etc.). It also has considerable experience in the construction of public works and the problems raised by them.

The Firm has advised on projects for the promotion and construction of public infrastructure and the provision of services, especially in matters of SEC-95/97 regulations; application of the Public Sector Contracts Law; study and recommendation of appropriate forms of indirect management to finance the projects; and study of the fiscal aspects involved, among others.

BROSETA is also present at the main forums and meetings on public-private partnerships, contributing and sharing its experience with public and business representatives, both national and international.