Sports and entertainment

BROSETA offers highly specialised advice in its different legal fields to sportsmen and women, artists, sports entities of an associative and federative nature, as well as event organisers and other entities in the field of sport and entertainment.

The Firm has a team of professionals characterised by their expertise in providing comprehensive legal advice to athletes and artists. In this sense, it is worth mentioning the advice on the conclusion of sponsorship contracts, with clubs, sports brands and agents, as well as for the management, assignment and protection of image rights. Likewise, BROSETA provides specialised advice both in employment relations and in tax planning for these professionals, as well as in litigation, arbitration and mediation derived from sporting conflicts.

In addition, it is worth highlighting the advice given to professional sports associations, clubs, leagues, federations and professional sports associations and national and international sports institutions and organisations given the knowledge they have of individual, business and institutional needs.

The Firm also advises organisers of sporting, musical and artistic events on the drafting and negotiation of contracts with sponsors, as well as with the Public Administrations for their staging.

BROSETA is also present at the main forums and meetings for the discussion of the most significant aspects of current legislation and new developments in Sports Law.