The evolution experienced in the development of technology has led to a changing environment in the habits and modes of urban and interurban mobility of the population. In this context, BROSETA has extensive experience in advising public entities and companies dedicated to the mobility sector to adapt to new societal demands.

BROSETA has a team of professionals with extensive experience in advising Public Administrations and private and foundation entities dedicated to the land, air and rail transport sector, in the different tendering procedures that are carried out for the definition of new models of urban and interurban mobility.

The Firm specialises in advising Internet service providers, as well as various private companies on obtaining licences and authorisations from the public authorities.

The new models of mobility implemented can generate serious damage to the current licensees of infrastructures and services. In this context, BROSETA provides advice to the contracting public administrations and entities for the formulation of applications for economic rebalancing.

Likewise, BROSETA provides advice during the procedures for the approval of mobility regulations by the different territorial administrations, and the challenge of these regulations once they have been definitively adopted.