Public Law

Large-scale business projects are an important part of Public Law, which in many cases determines the viability itself of the investment project. BROSETA participates in the legal analysis and design of these types of projects, from a legal advisory perspective for Public Administrations as well as for private enterprise.

The Administrative Law team of the firm has a lengthy career in providing advisory services on projects of high strategic importance and furthermore covers everything relating to public assets, whose legal system is complex and subject to varying regulations according to the nature of each asset and the territorial scope of its Administration.

Worthy of emphasis is the extensive experience of the firm’s professionals in the management and financing of public infrastructures, particularly in the sphere of transport and educational infrastructures and services.

On the other hand, administrative procurement is increasingly significant in the mainstream activity and is given preferential treatment, including not just the analysis of applicable regulation and the most appropriate procurement procedures and systems for each case, but in terms of monitoring the performance of the agreement and any incidents with regard to its settlement as well.

As a necessary complement to the advisory services, the firm offers a high-quality service for representation and defence in court on administrative matters and, eventually, in the constitutional field.

In this context, the Firm regularly advises some of the most relevant groups in the field of public works, railway, port and airport infrastructures, and also has extensive international experience in Administrative Law, advising international funds willing to invest in fields related to the environment, urban planning or regulated sectors.