Governance, risk & compliance

The need for corporate governance advisory firms has increased in a very relevant way for years. In response to this need, BROSETA now offers companies an advisory service that offers, through legal services and consulting, an integration of business solutions targeted to strengthening systems of corporate governance, internal control and compliance organizations.

The Governance, Risk & Compliance Department combines the strengths already existing in different business lines of BROSETA with the specialization of expert lawyers and consultants on risk, supported by cutting-edge technology and thus offering a differentiated and competitive service that does not currently exist in the market.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

  • The only comprehensive solution that strengthens the systems of corporate governance, internal control and compliance of organizations, with a guarantee of professionalism and independence.
  • Multidisciplinary teams of lawyers and expert consultants on risk that combine their experience and strengths in the prevention, detection and investigation of compliance systems.
  • Legal protection and operational efficiency for the development of the business, with the guarantee of evidencing compliance with applicable laws and standards
  • Management of uncertainties, not only risks, both in the real world but also in the digital, avoiding stereotypes: compliance protocols adapted to the reality of the company.

Governance services

  • Ethical codes of conduct.
  • Criminal Code (Corporate Defense).
  • Systems of internal control of financial reporting (SCIIF).
  • Good governance codes.
  • Manuals of good business practices.
  • Training to councils, committees, Compliance Officers, control units and professionals in general on ethical issues and compliance.

Risk management and intelligence

  • Management of risks of all kinds (integrated models, matrices and procedures, approach to risk).
  • Design, implementation, revision and updating of Risk Management Systems (ISO 31000).
  • Evaluation and Mapping of Criminal Risks of the legal entity.
  • Regulatory Risk Maps.
  • Evaluation of Corporate Risks.
  • Internal control systems (COSO III, SOX, Solvencia, Basilea) for all industry and business lines.
  • Anti-corruption models: FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) and UKBA (UK Bribery Act).
  • Integrated models of fraud management (internal, external, global, operational, counterparty).
  • Integrated models of intelligence (Corporate Intelligence).
  • Crisis Management.
  • Brand Protection.
  • Outsourcing and internal audit co-externalizacion.
  • Cyberintelligence and cybersecurity, in association with the best technology partners.
  • Solutions adapted to detecting fraud and cybercrime.

Compliance – Regulated Risk Management, Sanctions and Penalties

  • Compliance Management Systems (integral models ISO 19600).
  • Spanish Criminal Compliance Management Systems (UNE 19601).
  • Tax Compliance Management Systems (UNE 19602).
  • Prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism (expert reviews, KYC models, due diligence, management of suspicious transactions and risk profiles, training).
  • Internal rules of behavior and the stock market.
  • Ongoing and operational support for corporate Compliance functions: CAAS (Compliance as a Service).