Intellectual property and Industrial property

In today's constantly evolving and globalised world, industrial property is becoming increasingly important, as are trademarks, designs and inventions that enable a product manufacturer or service provider to differentiate itself from its competitors. BROSETA has professionals with extensive experience in Industrial Property and a profound knowledge of the different types of registration.

At BROSETA we are aware of the importance that Industrial Property has today for those who offer their products and services in an increasingly competitive world. In this sense, the Firm offers comprehensive advice on the subject in:

  • Consulting: analysis of the client’s position in the market, of its brands, services and creations, looking for the best way to protect them, if possible, with exclusive rights that allow a competitive advantage.


  • Advice on the registration and protection of registered signs and creations: procedures for the registration of distinctive signs, technical creations or aesthetic creations, with the competent bodies: collaboration with highly experienced industrial property agents and European patent agents to carry out all registration procedures, and with professionals who are experts in the various appeals that may be filed; advice on contracts for the assignment or licensing of distinctive signs and other methods, as well as on any contract that may affect the aforementioned registrations


  • Advice on industrial property conflicts: judicial and extra-judicial defence in possible conflicts relating to Industrial Property; disputes relating to this matter, as well as proceedings before the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the EUIPO Boards of Appeal, the European Union Court of Justice, the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, the Commercial Courts and Trademark and Patent Courts.