The Firm

The world is constantly changing and only companies capable of providing agile responses adapted to the needs of their stakeholders will make a difference.

At BROSETA we want our clients and other stakeholders to be the protagonists of this new scenario.

To do this, we practice a new way of understanding the client, as partners fully involved, as a team. We participate in their strategy and accompany them in both their successes and their difficult moments, building solid relationships that allow us to provide solutions for the present and explore new challenges that anticipate solutions to future problems.

We are an agile and flexible firm. We have a structure that allows us to adapt to the most complex environments with proactivity, and to react to any contingency with the efficiency that the market and the client demand.

We put the firm’s team of partners at the head of all our projects. Professionals with an average of 30 years of experience, accessible, proactive and involved in every decision relevant to the client.

And we promote transformation as the basis for growth. We reject static and standardised solutions. Each client is a challenge and their needs define our service proposal. We try to grow the value of our clients based on a differentiated way of doing things.

Our history

With almost half a century of experience, BROSETA is today the legal services firm that was once envisaged by its founder, Manuel Broseta Pont, a man who, from the very beginnings of the company, conceived an organisation with a vocation for service, an ambition for excellence and a commitment to its people.

For two decades, Manuel Broseta Pont combined his legal activity at the head of the Firm with his duties in the service of democracy and freedom, both from his Chair of Commercial Law at the University of Valencia, and from his functions as Senator, Secretary of State for the Autonomous Communities, elected member of the Council of State and member of the Valencian Academy of Legislation and Jurisprudence, among other things.

When he passed away in 1992, his son, Manuel Broseta Dupré, took over the management of the Firm, driving it forward in the face of new challenges. In this new phase, the organisation has a multidisciplinary service, a national and international dimension and is one of the leading legal services firms in Spain.

BROSETA now has a team of more than 220 lawyers, 40 of whom are Partners.

Vocation of service

BROSETA is a reference firm in the legal sector characterised by its commitment to quality, innovation, excellence in service and closeness to the client. The basis of our service is to meet the expectations of the client, to anticipate them with innovative solutions and to be involved in their success.

BROSETA offers legal advice in the main areas of law (Administrative, Tax, Employment, Commercial, Criminal and Litigation) to local, national and multinational companies and to all types of entities and organisations of the Public Administration.

Today, BROSETA advises leading companies in industry, transport, venture capital, the financial world, infrastructures, construction and real estate, the public sector, energy, the environment, health, telecommunications, the automobile industry and many other sectors of our economy.

Academic links

BROSETA actively participates in academic and university life and a large part of its professionals and collaborators carry out teaching activities in universities and national and international training programmes.

Traditionally linked to the Chair of Commercial Law at the University of Valencia, BROSETA is also present in other research chairs such as the Chair of Family Business at the University of Valencia or the Chair of Tax Fraud Control and Prevention of Money Laundering at the University of Granada.

BROSETA also has numerous collaboration agreements with the main universities in Spain to promote research in the legal field as well as training and study grants for students.

The Firm is present in various Masters’ degrees in legal consultancy and in numerous study foundations linked to universities.


BROSETA has a clear international vocation demonstrated by its presence in Portugal, Switzerland, the leadership of the Ibero-American Legal Network and the extensive network of leading firms with which it collaborates in the rest of the world.

  • Portugal

  • Switzerland

  • Iberoamerican Legal Network

  • Portugal

    BROSETA has had an office in the Portuguese city of Lisbon since May 2018. The opening in the country’s capital is the result of the integration with the local firm ROQUETTE MORAIS Y GUERRA, and responds to the growing interest of companies to carry out activities in a country immersed in an ambitious growth process.

    BROSETA’s project in Portugal has a marked DNA of excellence, built up over more than 40 years of success stories and recognition, and aims to accompany Spanish companies with interests in Portugal and Portuguese companies, both in their local needs and in their internationalisation projects.

    BROSETA’s team of lawyers in Portugal, led by Álvaro Roquette, has in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the development of multidisciplinary, efficient and value-generating legal solutions for organisations.


    BROSETA has been present in Switzerland since 2013, through an office in the Swiss city of Zurich, from where the Firm provides advice to Swiss financial institutions and some of the main Swiss banks established in Spain, as well as a wide range of clients in the area of Wealth Management, among others.

    The Swiss office of BROSETA offers clients, entities and other interest groups the specialisation and experience of the Firm’s lawyers in areas and sectors of activity such as tax, commercial, employment, mergers and acquisitions, real estate investments, financing, competition and EU law, venture capital, etc.

    Iberoamerican Legal Network

    The Ibero-American Legal Network (RLI) is an alliance of law firms promoted by BROSETA with presence in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Dominican Republic and Uruguay.

    The purpose of the RLI is to offer a uniform quality service, with a business focus, to all those organisations, companies and other entities with interests in the region.

    The more than 600 lawyers that make up the RLI team, distributed in 17 countries, are committed to the permanent establishment of collaboration channels between Europe and Latin America, as well as to the identification and generation of business opportunities for the stakeholders as a result of the synergies derived from the collaboration between them.