‘Best Lawyers’ highlights 21 BROSETA lawyers as among the best in Spain

The prestigious international directory ‘Best Lawyers’ highlights 21 BROSETA lawyers as among the best in Spain in its latest edition published this week. The professionals from the firm who have achieved this recognition in different categories are Manuel Broseta, Luis Trigo, Antonio J. Navarro, Rosa Vidal, Isidro del Moral, Alejandro Ríos, Jesús Avezuela, Carlos Diéguez, Patricia Gualde, Manuel Mingot, Javier Morera, Julio Veloso, Juan Manuel Pérez, Laura Aliaga, Enrique Beaus, Luis Berenguer, Helena Beunza, Abraham Castro, Carmen March, Isabel Merenciano and Ramiro Cervera.

Commercial and Mergers and Acquisitions, Tax, Banking and Financial, Private Equity Law, Venture Capital and Investment funds, Assets, Administrative, Public law and Planning, Real Estate, Litigation, Bankruptcy, Competition and Industrial and Intellectual Property are some of the Departments in which these professionals have been featured.

For his part, Luis Trigo, Managing Partner of the firm, has been recognized with a special mention for best lawyer of the year in Spain in the area of Tax highlighting his career and results.

Since its inception, BROSETA has had a clear international vocation, working in more than 35 countries around the world.

In 2013 the firm opened an office in Zurich (Switzerland), thereby providing one further step in its strategy of internationalization. This opening in Switzerland has been “a great milestone for the firm and the culmination of a staggered process of assessment of business opportunities”, says the President of BROSETA, Manuel Broseta.

In addition the firm leads an international network of law firms in Latin America that already has partners in Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina.