Wealth Management

The Firm has an area specialized in legal advice to wealth management, formed by a multidisciplinary team that works with a clear client focus. All its members have extensive experience at a national and international level in advising this type of client in their respective disciplines.

The Wealth Management area of BROSETA advises an important clientele which includes prominent family offices, national and international financial entities, wealth managers, elite sportsmen and women and other people who require a highly specialised service.

In addition, the Firm advises clients with international service needs due to having assets or family relationships linked to different jurisdictions, for which it has the knowledge and contact with a wide network of legal firms specialised in this area.

Within the advice provided by BROSETA through its Wealth Management area, we highlight the planning and advice on tax matters, with special emphasis on taxes and special regimes that have an impact on the type of clients served and the products and assets offered to them; general commercial aspects and corporate reorganisations; Real estate investment, especially for profitable properties; regulatory commercial matters on entities subject to supervision by the Bank of Spain, the National Securities Market Commission or the Directorate General of Insurance; and Civil Law, with special emphasis on advice on inheritance planning and family law issues.