Criminal Law

BROSETA's Criminal Law Area focuses on advising and defending those affected by or involved in conduct considered illicit within the scope of business. The Firm specialises in crimes traditionally known as white collar crimes, an area in which there has been a notable increase in the criminalisation of conduct in recent years.

The increase in criminalised conduct in the development of economic activities requires those involved in these actions to be provided specialised advice and legal intervention for legal defence in court.

BROSETA has a specialised team with extensive procedural experience in the field of Criminal Law that works with the support of specialists in other interrelated legal branches whose knowledge is also essential to ensure the best defence of clients’ interests.

The members of the team in the area of Criminal Law have participated in numerous proceedings in courts and tribunals throughout Spain, highlighting several cases before the Audiencia Nacional and the Supreme Court.

The Firm has a remarkable background in procedures such as:

  • Offences against the Public Treasury.
  • Corporate offences.
  • Scams and Economic embezzlement.
  • Money laundering.
  • Punishable insolvency.
  • Crimes against the market.
  • Economic crimes in the public sphere related to economic activity.
  • Crimes in the workplace.
  • Planning
  • Offences related to the environment.