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Eva Carballo

Senior Associate




Criminal Law.


Professional experience in attending statements in Examination Courts and Central Examination Courts of the National High Court; attending trials in Criminal Courts, Provincial Courts and National High Court; drafting legal briefs, reform appeals and appeals; advising other legal departments on Economic Criminal Law and business; management and processing of complete criminal proceedings, from the Opening of the Examination Phase to the Oral Trial Phase; preparation of statements in the Examination Phase; attendance in criminal judicial proceedings.

Co-author with Abraham Castro of the analysis “Crimes related to the management of the public and private patrimony of others”, in the “Criminal notes José María Lidón, nº XIII: Substantive amendments in Criminal Law and the Statute of the Victim” (Deusto Publicaciones, ISBN: 978-84-16982-22-6, núm. 13/2017).


– Degree in Law from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (2014).

– Master’s Degree in Access to the Profession of Lawyer (CUNEF, 2015).