BROSETA strengthens and improves its position in the Chambers & Partners Directory

BROSETA has been recognized as one of the firms featured in the Directory ‘International Chambers and Partners’ in its 2015 edition, a prestigious publication in the sector of the legal profession.

The international directory identified several departments of the firm and its lawyers as amongst the most influential, and improves the position of the firm. Among the outstanding practices, Chambers and Partners highlights BROSETA’s work in the areas of Banking and Finance, Commercial and Mergers and Acquisitions, Employment, Environmental, Intellectual Property, Planning, Private Equity, Public Law, Real Estate, Tax, Wealth Management.

In terms of the BROSETA professionals, the International Directory emphasizes work carried out by Luis Trigo in Asset Management; Isidro del Moral in Real Estate law; Julio Veloso in Venture Capital; Javier Morera in Tax, Asset Management and Venture Capital; Antonio Navarro and Miguel Navarro in Banking and Finance; Alejandro Rios in Commercial law, Mergers and Acquisitions; Rosa Vidal and Jesus Avezuela in Public Law; Isabel Merenciano in Employment, and Laura Aliaga in Intellectual Property.

Analysis by Practice Areas

The Venture Capital and Wealth Management areas are recognized by Chambers as one of the best business practices in Spain, placing them in band 1 and band 2 respectively. In the first case, the analyst highlighted the “outstanding, renowned and respected work” of Julio Veloso (band 2) and Javier Morera (band 4), while the Asset Management work of the Managing Partner of BROSETA, Luis Trigo (band 1), is recognized as making him one of the three most important lawyers in Spain in this practice. Javier Morera (band 3) is also prominent in this practice, and customers highlight the “impeccable quality of service of the firm”.

In Real Estate, the Partner and Head of the Commercial Law Department of BROSETA, Isidro de el Moral, remains as one of the most influential lawyers in the sector, staying in band 2 of Chambers and Partners, for his “capacity for work and his technical quality when it comes to solutions”.

In Banking and Finance, the firm is positioned in band 4, and recognized for “the excellence of the team when it comes to coordinating complex cases with a large number of issues, as well as the agility to find solutions, technical knowledge and the ability to lead negotiations”. The directory highlights Partner and Head of this practice, Antonio J. Navarro (Band 5), and the senior lawyer Miguel Navarro (Associate to watch).

The Commercial law and Mergers and Acquisitions Department is located in band 4, with a group of lawyers “committed, dedicated and with great capacity for work”, the same positioning was achieved by the Public Law practice, with the Partner and Head of the area, Rosa Vidal (band 4), and partner Jesús Avezuela (band 4) “a strong team, always available and clear in their explanations”.

The Tax law and Employment Departments are placed in band 5. In the first case they highlight Partner Javier Morera, who improves from band 4 to 3 with respect to 2014, and says that companies recognize his increased international presence, highlighting his role as director of the BROSETA office in Switzerland. In Employment law, Isabel Merenciano is the Partner of a recognized practice “by the continued advice to the customer that its professionals provided”.

Along with these areas and professionals, the practice of Intellectual Property at BROSETA has also been highlighted by Chambers and Partners. In particular, the senior lawyer Laura Aliaga, who is focused on the protection of data in the digital realm, and has been recognized by her contacts for her remarkable ability to inform.

BROSETA is also recognised in the 2015 edition in the areas of Environment and Planning.