48 BROSETA lawyers among the best in Spain

The prestigious international directory Best Lawyers, which recognises the performance of lawyers based on the assessment of their colleagues, has highlighted 48 BROSETA lawyers as among the best in Spain in its latest edition.

With this recognition, BROSETA goes from having 30 lawyers in this directory in 2019 to 48 in 2020, an increase of 60% with respect to the last edition and a representation of almost 1 out of every 3 lawyers of the Firm.

The Firm’s professionals who have achieved this recognition in different categories in this edition are Manuel Broseta, Rosa Vidal, Antonio J. Navarro, Alejandro Ríos, Julio Veloso, Carlos Diéguez, Javier Morera, Patricia Gualde, Miguel Geijo, José Manuel Copa, Abraham Castro, Carmen March, Pablo Bieger, Carlos Gutiérrez, José Manuel Sipos, Enrique Beaus, Joaquín Giráldez, Miguel Navarro, David López, Fernando Cacho, Jesús Carrasco, Luis Berenguer, José Manuel Otero Lastres, Francisco Ruiz Risueño, Juan Aguado, Nuria Arenas, Amparo Canillas, María Martínez, Raquel Molina, Enrique Hervás, Ana Otero, Agustín Puente, Alberto Palomar, Alfonso Carrillo, Carlos Ochoa, Carolina Vivó, Enrique García, Íñigo Arrese, Juan Sanhermelando, Jordi Ibiza, José Daniel González, José Manuel González Jato, Juan José Mallo, Luis Alaix, Marta Montes, Nuria Portell, Sofía Cabedo and Sonia Juanis.

Some of the practice areas of BROSETA which, through its lawyers, have been recognised by this directory, are Public Law, Employent Law, Commercial Law, Tax Law, Litigation Law, Property Law, Banking and Finance Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Venture Capital, Competition Law, Corporate Governance, Criminal Law, Industrial and Intellectual Property, Privacy, Insurance, Arbitration and Mediation, Construction, Sports and Entertainment, among others.

Additionally, partners Miguel Geijo and Enrique Beaus have been recognised as “Lawyers of the Year in Spain” in the categories of Health Care and Tax, respectively. This recognition singles out, from among all ‘Best Lawyers’ lawyers, the most outstanding professionals for each of the areas analysed.

BROSETA is a multidisciplinary firm with offices in Madrid, Valencia, Lisbon and Zurich and more than 150 lawyers with in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in legal advice. Along with its offices in Spain, Portugal and Switzerland, BROSETA forms part of the Ibero-American Legal Network, an alliance of leading law firms with a presence in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay, with nearly 500 qualified and recognised lawyers.