The Firm

Founded in 1975 by the chaired Professor in Commercial Law and Councillor of State, Manuel Broseta Pont, BROSETA is a benchmark firm in the legal sector characterised by its involvement and commitment to the quality and excellence of the service provided to the client.

With offices in MadridValencia, Lisbon and Zürich, BROSETA furthermore leads an Alliance of legal firms in Latin America, and has developed a broad international network of collaborators to ensure optimum service and offer comprehensive solutions for the needs of our clients in an increasingly competitive and interconnected world.

Since its inception it has been characterised by a deeply-rooted involvement in entrepreneurial spheres and it has a broad knowledge of institutional operation in its various areas of operation.

Today the firm is comprised of a team of more than 150 specialised lawyers who offer legal consultancy work in the main Legal Areas, and has performed transactions in more than 35 countries worldwide.