BROSETA with the world of Sport

120613 derechoydeportePartner and Head of the Administrative Department of BROSETA Lawyers, Rosa Vidal, and Beatriz Montes an expert in sports law for the firm, participated along with renowned professionals from the worlds of sport and law, as well as representatives of the public administrations, in the Conference on Law and Sport dedicated to analysing the difficult but unavoidable relationship between sport and the law, as well as the principal conflicts arising from this interrelation. The meeting organised by BROSETA Lawyers, Superdeporte and Sports Advisory Professionals of the region of Valencia with the collaboration of the Municipal Sports Foundation took place in the Cultural Sports Complex of the Petxina.

The conference on Law and Sport was opened by Rosa Vidal, Head of the Public Law Department of BROSETA Lawyers; Francisco Guixa, Deputy Director General for Management of Editorial Prensa Ibérica; Miguel Angel Nogueras, President of Sports Advisory Professionals; Cristobal Grau, Councilman for Sport of the City of Valencia and Jesus Bösch, Member of the Commercial Department of Superdeporte.

Rosa Vidal, Head of the Public Law Department at BROSETA Lawyers analysed the different forms of promotion of sport in the public administration, and stressed the need to regulate the sport. For Vidal, “sport is born as a free individual activity but when it requires an organisation it is necessary that it is legally solid” she said. The Head of the Department of Administrative law at BROSETA reviewed the different models of organisation of sports events based on the involvement of the different public administrations and private companies. In this sense also, she reminded us that the Constitution guarantees the protection of sport.

The conference ended with the round table ´Professional Sport´ with the participation of the expert in sports law of BROSETA, Beatriz Montes, who explained numerous legal concepts with respect to elite sport, together with the President of Levante U.D., Quico Catalán, former professional football player Rubén Baraja, the jurist Albero Palomar and the Secretary of GEPACV, Francisco Orts.