BROSETA leads the creation of a Latin American Law Firm Alliance

Leading national Spanish law firm BROSETA has announced the launch of a Latin American Law Firm Alliance. The goal of the Alliance is to better facilitate the increasing flow of transatlantic and regional Latin American investment being made by both European and Latin American businesses, through the closer alignment of member firms’ services, the communication of legal and business developments and incentives, and the sharing of know how.

Alongside BROSETA, the other founding Alliance firms are Colombia’s ESGUERRA BARRERA ARRIAGA and Mexico’s CERVANTES SAINZ.

Through such a move, BROSETA is solidifying its established referral relationships with leading firms in Colombia and Mexico; Alliance members for Ecuador, Peru and Chile will be announced in the following months.

BROSETA has a well-established record of facilitating investments by European companies into Latin America and has assisted countless Latin American businesses as they have expanded into Spain and across Europe.

“It is an increase in such business flows and a growing sophistication of investors, coupled with a clear desire among many for a more uniform approach to the way they source legal services, that has been a key driver in the creation of the Alliance”, says Manuel Broseta, managing partner of BROSETA.

“As our clients’ needs in Latin America have become more complex and as more companies expand across the region we saw the need to deliver more joined-up solutions, for the firms with which we work to be connected on a more formal basis and to build new and common capabilities that would benefit us all.”

In line with a growing client demand as well as an increase in requests for secondments to and from referral firms, lawyers from BROSETA are also active in a number of regional business forums –including the recent Conference on Multilateral Partnerships organised by The Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX) in Bogota, Colombia-.

For Julio Veloso, the partner in charge of BROSETA’s international relationships, “Latin America is a natural investment destination for Spanish companies and where many are finding new opportunities, but at the same time Spain and other European markets have become places of interest to more Latin American businesses and institutions. Europe may be facing some clear challenges but this scenario also presents many attractive acquisition opportunities for investors from outside the region.”

“It is for this reason that the Alliance has been created as an equal and exclusive partnership, comprised of firms with comparable capabilities and standing in each of our home markets. We have a common commitment to guarantee all our clients receive the best advice whether that is within Latin America or Europe.”


The Alliance will not only strengthen the links between member firms but will also encourage the development of a common culture, through shared training and lawyer exchanges, joint investment in areas of specialisation and the organisation of conferences on international and bilateral investment.

Alongside the increasingly close ties of the firms that make up the Alliance, BROSETA has established strong relationships with leading firms in Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, Uruguay and Venezuela, and has also established links with firms in Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Paraguay and Puerto Rico. The intention is that these associated offices will in time also become members of the Alliance.