The UGR-BROSETA Chair is organising the Ist Forum of experts on Tax fraud and the Prevention of Money Laundering

The Cátedra Universidad de Granada-BROSETA has created the Ist Forum of Experts on Prevention of Money Laundering and Control of Tax Fraud. It is a meeting point that encourages multidisciplinary debate that fosters the understanding of the keys to the fight against Tax fraud and Money laundering. Granada will host the Forum, which will take place on Thursday, October 16th, at 16.00 hours in the main hall of the Faculty of Work Sciences at the University of Granada – Calle Real de Cartuja No. 36.

During their sessions, a group of experts from different backgrounds (judiciary, public prosecutor’s Office, economics, security forces, universities, tax agencies, state lawyers), and belonging to different branches of knowledge, will discuss current issues on the matter.

The event, which will be attended by experts, academics and professional researchers in the sector, will include the participation of the Managing Partner of BROSETA lawyers, Luis Trigo; the Director of the UGR-BROSETA Chair, Carmen Almagro; the partners of BROSETA Abogados Isidro del Moral and Carlos Diéguez; and a lawyer from BROSETA Abogados, Silvia de Andrés.

The objective of this forum will be to analyse the network of rules from the perspective of the various branches of our law that can be directly involved in this work such as administrative law, criminal, tax, litigation, labour, commercial etc. But not only from the legal point of view, it is also necessary to study the impact from disciplines as varied as economics and accounting, public finances, or national security, among others.