The Policies of the European Union in the 21st century

Sergio Baches, Director of the European Union (EU) Competition and Law Department of BROSETA, has participated in the development of the book “The policies of the European Union in the 21st Century” by the publisher Bosch, a manual that is intended to be one of the reference works in the field of European Union law.

The publication examines the main EU policies, covering areas of action such as Agriculture, Fisheries, Transport, Economic and Monetary Union, Social and Employment Policy, Consumer Protection, Common Commercial Policy, Competition and State Aid, among others.

The Partner of BROSETA has written two of the articles of this work, analysing “the politics and the right of defence of Competition of the European Union”. Various specialists from the European Union, academics, EU officials, lawyers and consultants have also taken part.

Access more information about the work through this link.