The EU-BROSETA Cycle analyses the main conclusions of the debate on the state of the EU

BROSETA has carried out a new session of the EU-BROSETA Cycle, a periodic series of meetings whose objective is to reflect on the main issues of interest in the European Union in a context of enormous challenges, with the help of speakers of recognised prestige.

With the academic direction of Susana del Río, an expert on the European Union and a member of various European Parliament committees, the session reflected on the debate on the state of the Union, and outlined the main issues of interest and guidelines at a key moment in which Europe is trying to position itself in a more ecological, digital and resilient way, with the aim of leading the way towards recovery.

Rosa Vidal, managing partner of the firm, presented the session and introduced Susana del Río’s speech, highlighting the transcendental role of the European Union in the current context, and the intention of BROSETA, “as a Europeanist organisation”, to contribute to the growth of society and companies from a perspective of integration and shared effort.

Susana del Río then outlined some of the specific features of the speech by Von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, who presented the current situation as a unique opportunity to emerge from the pandemic as a European Union, with a plan and a series of transformations in conjunction with NextGenerationEU aid and the strengthening of the European budget.

Among the issues on which the European Commission will focus are the Europe of Health, the European Green Pact, the digital transformation, making the most of the Single Market, the global response to an accessible, affordable and safe vaccine with COVID-19, deepening relations with neighbours and partners around the world, a new approach to migration, among others.

Del Río has placed particular emphasis on the need for Spain to present a national plan shortly to “land” the European plan and implement the appropriate structural changes, with macroeconomic forecasts. In this respect, she pointed out that the national plan should be drawn up and presented “in sufficient time for companies to demonstrate their capacity for leadership at this time, with the presentation of specific plans for economic recovery, and projects to strengthen the Spanish and European economies”.