The Community of Madrid welcomes BROSETA on its 40th anniversary

A group of BROSETA Partners, headed by Rosa Vidal, Senior Partner of the firm, has been received by the Deputy Minister of Presidency and Justice, the Hon. Mr. D. Enrique Ruiz Escudero.

The reception, which is part of a series of events with which the firm is celebrating the occasion of its 40th anniversary, was held at the headquarters of the Community of Madrid.

Rosa Vidal, Senior Partner of BROSETA, thanked the Deputy Minister for his welcome and explained some of the major milestones of the firm in its four decades of existence, as well as the linking of the organization with the Community of Madrid and the various institutions, Universities and associations that operate in the geographic area of Madrid, with the aim of promoting, through the profession, the development of the region, its citizens and their enterprises.

For his part, the Hon. Mr. D. Enrique Ruiz Escudero conveyed his congratulations to the collective of BROSETA Partners on the celebration of the anniversary and spoke about the importance of advice, from the public point of view, from firms which, like BROSETA, have knowledge and professionals with experience in the field of public administrations and collaboration with private entities and the numerous challenges that face administrations in terms of transparency or digitization, inter alia.