Rosa Vidal participates in ABC infrastructure Forum

The Managing Partner of BROSETA and Head of the Public Law Department, Rosa Vidal, has participated in the ABC Forum on Infrastructure, which has been discussing the current situation in Spain in this field, and along with Rosa Vidal, also in attendance were the Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Transport and Housing, Julio Gómez-Pomar; Eugenio Prieto, of A.T. Kearney; Juan Jose Claveria, from ACCIONA Concesiones; Julián Núñez, President of SEOPAN, and Pedro Michelena, President of ForoPPP Infrastructures.

During the debate they highlighted the good position of Spain and the investments made in the field of transport infrastructure, but also stressed the need to invest in social services (education, health, energy, environment, etc.), with the challenge of doing so in a cost conscious environment, thus stressing the importance of different models of financing, such as public-private partnerships.

The speakers agreed on the need to establish a regulatory framework that promotes the collaboration between companies and administrations, to clear any legal uncertainty and not prejudice the speed and low cost of the project as a whole.

For her part, Rosa Vidal focused on opportunities for infrastructure development available for businesses and administrations such as the Juncker Plan, and noted the need to establish an office for evaluation of projects in terms of public-private collaboration for the analysis of them, from a legal, economic, and technical perspective prior to their development.