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Fernando Bruna





Consultant with more than 28 years of experience in strategic consultancy activities and R&D&I management of process-product in the automotive sector.

Among others, he has carried out the following functions:

– Advice on the application of tax deductions for R&D&I: identification of projects, their qualification, identification of associated expenses and complete documentation of the technical activities of these projects, presentation and defence before the Certifying Entities and/or the Tax Administration;

– Management of R&D&I projects (both for the aforementioned entities and for other companies in the sector), search for technological partners for their execution, and promotion of new R&D&I lines and initiatives, coordination of the work teams of the different participants;

– Technological assessment of companies, analysis of project viability, monitoring of emerging technologies, technical support in the preparation of patents, market studies;

– Obtaining aid from the different public administrations for the financing of R&D&I projects through their inclusion in international, national, regional, individual or consortia programmes;

– Advice to the different administrations for the establishment of the conditions of new aid programmes.

Prior to BROSETA, he developed his career in organisations such as Sace Desarrollos Tecnológicos, INCOTEC (Innovation and Technological Consulting) or CIDAUT (Foundation for Research and Development in Transport and Energy – Automotive Research and Development Centre).


– Industrial Engineer, specialising in Mechanics (particularly in Machinery), Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales de Valladolid.