President of the Senate receives BROSETA

A group of partners from BROSETA, headed by Manuel Broseta, President of the firm, has been received by the President of the Senate, the Hon. Mr. D. Pío García-Escudero.

The reception, which is part of a series of institutional events that the firm is celebrating on the occasion of its 40th anniversary, took place in the Sala Manuel Broseta Pont, which takes its name from the founder of the firm, Senator for Valencia between 1979 and 1982, and an active member of the Spanish political scene.

The Hon. Mr. D. Pío García-Escudero conveyed his congratulations to the BROSETA partners during his speech on the celebration of this anniversary, and recalled the founder of the firm, and the footprint he left in the profession and in society.

For his part, Manuel Broseta, President of BROSETA, thanked the President of the Senate, highlighting his work in more than two decades as a Senator in the Chamber and as President from 2011, as well as the role of the Senate as a key figure in the territorial structuring.

Later, the partners of BROSETA paid a visit to the facilities of the Senate, at the side of the President of the Chamber, allowing them to enjoy the magnificent history and the collection of works of the institution.