Master’s in Urban Planning, Environment and Smart Cities

BROSETA and ISDE are launching the first Master’s in Planning, Environment and Smart Cities, a training program that aims to study, from a global and practical perspective, both the traditionally related subjects of planning as well as those that, from the use of technology, have become essential for the training of all those who seek to develop their profession in the field of smart cities: energy efficiency, waste management, construction of infrastructure, the use of transport that is respectful to the environment, etc.

The Master’s in Urban Planning, Environment and Smart Cities of BROSETA and ISDE is headed by Rosa Vidal, BROSETA’s Managing Partner, and is aimed at lawyers and other technical, legal and financial profiles who practice or intend to practice planning and environmental law with a technological application; architects, engineers and economists; land managers and real estate developers; or environmental consultants, among others.

The faculty of the program is made up of practicing professionals with extensive experience in the field of urban planning, public contracting and the environment, belonging to both the public sector and the private sector.

More information about the program can be found at the following link or by telephone (+34) 911 265 180, or by email at