Manuel Broseta participates in the 3rd national meeting on the Civil Society

Manuel Broseta, President of BROSETA, participated on November the 5th at the 3rd National Meeting of the Civil society, a conference sponsored by the Independent Foundation and organized by the Centre for Constitutional and Political Studies, the Spanish Association of Foundations and the G2020 platform, which had as objectives the strengthening and projection of the civil society and the awareness of citizens about the importance of participation and community.

Together with leading figures such as Salvador Sánchez-Terán, former Minister of Transport, Communications and Work; José Manuel Otero Novas, former Minister of the Presidency of Government and Education; and journalist Victoria Prego, Manuel Broseta participated in the round table “the values of the transition, pacts and consensus in Spanish politics. Incorporation of new generations”, analysing the differences between today’s society and the society of the transition, and providing the key aspects to be considered by the younger generations in the current social and political context.

Access Manuel Broseta’s full speech through the following link.

During the conference there were also other topics of interest such as democratic regeneration and openness, reform of the Constitution, the current role of the media and social networks, education, social pacts and the reform of Justice, among others.

Some of the personalities who took part in the meeting were former defence Minister Eduardo Serra; Guillermo de la Dehesa, Vice President of Grupo Santander and former Secretary of State for the Economy; Pilar Laguna, Dean of the Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos; Rafael Puyol, Vice President of the IE Business School and former rector of the Complutense University of Madrid; Javier Vega de Seoane, President of the Circle of Entrepreneurs; and the journalist Isabel San Sebastián.

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