Limitations on the freedom of establishment on commercial distribution

A BROSETA Forum of internal lawyers has held a new conference under the heading “Possible limitations on the freedom of establishment in commercial distribution”.

The aim of the meeting was to analyze the restrictions on freedom of establishment and development of commercial activities in the sector of retail distribution, following the enactment of the Law of Warranty of the Market Unit, which is to avoid restrictions on the freedom of schedules established by the trade laws of the different autonomous communities.

The Forum saw the participation of Antonio Maudes, Director of the Department for the promotion of competition of CNMC, who explained during his speech, from a very practical perspective, public restrictions on commercial distribution, and addressed market unit warranty law. Antonio Maudes also demonstrated to attendees the operation of the CNMC model, and the various services performed for commercial revitalization and struggle against the restrictions and the positions of dominance in the business field.

For BROSETA spoke at the session Silvia de Andrés, senior lawyer and Head of the BROSETA Forum of internal lawyers in Madrid; Sergio Baches, Partner and Head of the Competition and EU Law Department of BROSETA, and Luis Berenguer, senior advisor of the same area.

This last speaker, and prior to the intervention of Antonio Maudes, focused his talk on explaining the background to the current situation, reviewing aspects such as the law of management of retail trade, the positions of the Court’s defence of Competition and the National Commission of Competition, as well as the services directive and its adaptation by the autonomous communities.