In these difficult days, due to the crisis that we are going through as a result of the spread of the COVID-19 throughout the world, BROSETA wants to contribute from its position to help us as a society and economy to emerge strengthened from this situation.

With this objective, the Firm has launched the initiative #BROSETAvsCOVID19, a work team from which we make available to all the Firm’s stakeholders the knowledge and multidisciplinary expertise of BROSETA’s professionals to contribute, from a legal perspective, to the maintenance of business and professional activity in order to combat the social and economic consequences to which the current situation of uncertainty exposes us.

Under the umbrella of #BROSETAvsCOVID19 are all the communication initiatives of the Firm in the different legal areas and towards the main economic sectors, as well as the different advisory groups designed specifically to be able to provide a flexible and personalised service and contribute, from our business responsibility, to the recovery and advancement of our environment.

Access all the content of the initiative (available in Spanish): #BROSETAvsCOVID19