BROSETA reinforces its structure to ensure its growth plan

The firm, immersed in a plan of domestic and international growth, has completed its process of institutionalisation making a series of changes in its organisational structure.

These modifications are reinforced by the Presidency of the firm by Manuel Broseta and the appointment of Luis Trigo as Managing Partner.

The Board of Directors of BROSETA, which has added an independent adviser, yesterday adopted this decision which constitutes an important milestone in the evolution of the firm and in the development of the whole organisation.MANUEL BROSETA (5)

Regarding these ambitious growth plans of the office, the roles of President – Director (Senior Partner – Managing Partner) binomial, are very common in large offices, and allows you to create the figure of the President who is more institutional and strategic, and a Managing Partner who is responsible for the day to day management. Luis Trigo, hitherto Partner and Head of the Tax Department, has performed his job with distinction for many years in the office and has a long and prestigious career in the sector.

According to Manuel Broseta, “with this measure we anticipate needs, adopting a structure that allows us to more effectively involve and inspire all who work at the firm, capturing external talent and leveraging the change of the economic cycle that we understand is taking place, to be able to continue growing inside and outside Spain with full respect for our values at the same time. I am convinced that with the new organisational model, the capacity for growth and improvement will increase significantly.”

For the President of the firm, “the changes in society, after a really severe economic adjustment, require a consequent adaptation to this new world that is opening up before us. With these internal changes we want to respond to this need and are convinced this is the right way.”


LUIS TRIGO - BROSETAThe institutionalisation – that BROSETA has worked for more than one year on – strengthens the firm, provides internal mechanisms of development of greater participation of its members and promotes its capacity for growth and competitiveness, in order to achieve the ambitious objectives set out in its Strategic Plan. The requirements of access to membership and the assessment process have been defined with precision and objectivity, adapting to the models developed in law firms.

Professional excellence and the attraction of talent have formed two goals that have been very present in the configuration of the model, based on the collaboration between professionals above the competition and balance of the people in the organisation as they inspire the values of BROSETA.

From the new model, we reaffirm our commitment to quality, excellence and useful solutions that presides over the work of the firm with its clients and its vocation of service and collaboration in the progress and development of their environment.