BROSETA receives the distinction “Equality in business”

140714 BROSETA IGUALDAD1Managing Partner of BROSETA, Luis Trigo, has this morning received from the hands of the Minister of Health, Social Services and Equality, Ana Mato, the distinction of “Equality in Business” that highlights the work of the firm in the implementation of policies of equality of treatment and opportunity between its professionals.

The delivery of the prize, awarded to a select group of 14 companies on this occasion, has taken place in the Presentation Room of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality. During the presentation, Luis Trigo took the floor next to the Advisor of Jazztel, Ana Gil, representing companies that have been distinguished and stressed “the need for this type of initiative because what seems natural, rational and essential unfortunately still is not, nor is it achieved spontaneously”.

The managing partner of BROSETA also stressed that the merit of the companies that have received this recognition “is wanting to overcome the inertia of those who think that imbalance is already there, and take measures in favour of what we understand as logical, fair and balanced”.

The Minister of Health, Social Services and Equality, Ana Mato, said that all the entities that have the distinction of “Equality in business” are “a model of intelligent and efficient management of resources, accountability and consistency with the principles of equal opportunities as a means of generating wealth and creating value, on the basis of merit and effort”. In her opinion, “a society which wants to be efficient and competitive must inevitably seize the power and potential of all”.

Finally, Ana Mato announced the launch this year of a Special Plan for Equality between women and men in the workplace and against wage discrimination 2014-2016, because “a move from legal equality to real equality is a priority”.


Within its commitment to equality, BROSETA has worked since 2011 on the implementation of an Equality Plan focused on ensuring respect for the principle of equality of treatment and opportunity between men and women in the heart of the company through the elimination of any type of discrimination in the workplace, as well as the promotion of equality between the sexes.

These policies are reflected in the structure of the firm, since three of the five main professional areas in the firm BROSETA are currently run by women, plus 62% of the members of staff, and 40% of those who occupy posts of managers and pre-management at the firm are also women.

In addition, last January BROSETA sealed a collaboration agreement with the Ministry of health, Social Services and Equality to promote the balanced participation of women and men in positions of high responsibility of the company.