BROSETA is collaborating in the first Ibero-American Prize of Patronage

The Ibero-American Awards of Patronage, a social initiative promoted by Wealth Advisory Services, with the collaboration of BROSETA, were held for the first time with the aim of recognizing and encouraging patronage in art.

The jury, composed of important personalities from the world of culture such as Carmen Iglesias (President of the Academy of History), Charo Izquierdo (journalist), Javier Nadal (President of the Spanish Association of Foundations), Carmen Posadas (National Prize for Literature), Carmen Reviriego (President of Wealth Advisory Services) and Miguel Zugaza (Prado Museum Director), recognized the work of promoting the art and collection of the Spanish painter Mayte Spínola, for work done by the Pro Art and Culture Group, and the Venezuelan-Colombian collector Solita Mishaan, President of the Fundación Misol.

The Pro art and Culture Group aims to begin the creation of various museums in different countries (some already created are the Museum of Spanish art in Sofia, Bulgaria; Salta, Argentina; Calvia, Mallorca, Spain; The Mayte Spinola Museum, Marmolejo, Jaén; The Castle of Merode, Germany, and Casa Spinola, Azuaga, Badajoz) and to promote the holding of exhibitions (Solidarias; Tributes to artists of great prestige; Awards to cultural personalities of culture etc.).

The Misol Foundation, for its part, is a project that seeks to support the Colombian and Latin American artistic scene and contribute to the formation of different specialized audiences with the development of an educational program both broad and inclusive. The objective of the Foundation is to support Latin American artists at different stages of their artistic processes, stimulating artistic creation, contributing to the issue of publications on contemporary art, promoting residencies in external programs and granting scholarships in partnership with entities around the world.

The gala awards ceremony, held in the Cecilio Rodriguez Gardens of the Parque de El Retiro  in Madrid, was attended by the partners from the firm Luis Trigo, Isidro del Moral, Javier Morera and Julio Veloso, along with various personalities from the cultural and social world such as the painter Antonio López, who presented the awards; la Infanta Dña. Pilar de Borbón and Fernando Carrillo Flórez, Ambassador of Colombia in Spain, among others. Miguel Zugaza, Charo Izquierdo, Javier Nadal, Carmen Posadas, Carmen Iglesias, Carmen Reviriego, Solita Mishaan, Mayte Spínola, Antonio López, Pedro Sandoval y Rocío SpínolaADELANTO PREMIOS-003Mayte Spínola, Carmen Reviriego y Solita Mishaan Miguel Zugaza, Ana Botella, Antonio Losada, Carmen Reviriego, Patricipa Phelps de Cisneros, Dña. Pilar de Borbón, Solita Mishaan, Mayte Spínola y Antonio López