Broseta Ibero-American Legal Network extends its coverage to Central America and Panama

Carlos Quintanilla y Elizabeth Heurtematte, de LatamLex; y Julio Veloso, de BROSETA_low
Carlos Quintanilla and Elizabeth Heurtematte, from LatamLex; and Julio Veloso, from BROSETA

The Ibero-American Legal Network (RLI), an alliance of legal firms formed and led by BROSETA, has incorporated into its structure the regional firm LatamLex, that has a presence in the whole Central American region.

The RLI was founded in 2013 with the aim of contributing to an improvement in the provision of legal services in Latin America, establishing new ways of collaboration between Europe and Latin America, identifying and generating business opportunities for companies and exploiting the synergies resulting from collaboration among different firms, and already had the participation of firms based in Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay and Peru.

So, along with BROSETA, the RLI is now comprised of the firms Esguerra (Colombia), Noboa, Peña & Torres (Ecuador), Cervantes Sainz (Mexico), Berkemeyer (Paraguay) and Benites, Forno & Ugaz (Peru), plus the newly incorporated LatamLex, a Firm of recognized experience in the region and whose offices in Central America are: Gomez and Galindo / LatamLex Costa Rica; Guandique Segovia Quintanilla/LatamLex El Salvador; Arenales & Skinner – Klee/LatamLex Guatemala; Matamoros Batson & Associates/LatamLex Honduras; LatamLex Nicaragua and; Lopez, Villanueva & Heurtematte /LatamLex Panama.

The RLI now has a team of more than 400 lawyers that, based on a deep knowledge of the laws of the different countries to which it gives coverage, provides advice on the main branches of Business Law. Next to the commercial initiatives, the RLI also jointly organises with all their member firms a number of workshops, seminars and training courses, as well as exchanges of lawyers to strengthen ties and improve the knowledge of its members and the different legislations.

For Julio Veloso, partner of BROSETA and coordinator of the RLI, “these new additions reinforce the commitment of BROSETA to international development. With the new structure of the RLI, the presence of BROSETA in Chile, which has had its own office in this country from 2015, and the best friends agreements we have in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay and Venezuela, we are one of the few Spanish legal firms with serviceability in the whole of Latin America“.