BROSETA has participated in the seminar “Venture Capital and other alternatives to bank financing for the family business”

The Chair of Family Business of the Universitat de València, sponsored by BROSETA, held the seminar “Venture Capital and other alternatives to bank financing for the family business”.

The conference saw the participation of the Senior Partner in the Banking and Finance Department of the firm, Antonio J. Navarro, who analyzed the legal and tax considerations of extra Bank financing operations. Alongside him, and also participating in the seminar were, José Bernardo Noblejas, President of the Valencian Institute for the study of family business (IVEFA); César Camison, Professor of Organization of companies and director of the Chair in family businesses at the University of Valencia; Saúl Ruiz de Marcos, director of ABAC Capital; Leticia Bueno, Director of Oquendo Capital investment; Ignacio de la Torre, Partner of Arcano, and José Luis Villafranca, Commercial Director of Bravo Capital.

During the various speeches, the speakers noted that access to financing remains one of the major problems for SMEs and family businesses. In this context, they proposed and analyzed alternatives to bank financing, such as the alternative stock market, venture capital or «crowdfunding», a collective cooperation instrument for obtaining funds which is booming (in 2014 it grew at rates of 140% and Spain is the second country in Europe with more platforms of this type on the internet).

In relation to this, José Bernardo Noblejas, of IVEFA, said that between 250 and 320 Valencian family business groups will form a platform of «crowdfunding» to be mutually supportive.

The closing session of the seminar was conducted by the Regional Secretary of Economy and Employment, Fernando Díaz.