BROSETA commemorates the 40th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution

BROSETA has held the round table “Dialogues on the Constitution: 40 years in democracy”, with the participation of their Excellencies Mr Miguel Herrero and Mr Rodríguez de Miñón, Mr Ignacio Camuñas Solís, Mr Francisco Ruiz Risueño and Mr Luis Berenguer Fuster, with the aim of debating and reflecting on the momentous value of the Constitution, its birth, evolution and future, less than two weeks before the 40th anniversary of the supreme rule of the Spanish legal system.

Manuel Broseta, president of BROSETA, led and moderated the debate, highlighting during his initial speech the robustness of the Spanish Constitution and the essential nature of the rule of law as guarantor of the freedom and progress of Spanish society.

Miguel Herrero and Rodriguez de Miñón, meanwhile, reflected on the Constitution in its dual function for security and progress, emphasising it as an “instrument of peace”, and also pointing out, in a general way, the “great offensive that is currently occurring against institutions in the name of market freedom ”

After the speech of Herrero and Rodriguez de Miñón, Mr. Ignacio Camuñas Solís spoke with a more critical position regarding the law, explaining the three serious problems that from his point of view would have to be faced from the reform of the Constitution: “a system of failed autonomy, a disfigurement of our MPs and the degree of politicisation of the judiciary.

Francisco Ruiz Risueño and D. Luis Berenguer Fuster, senior advisors of BROSETA, reflected to end the debate in the “current worrisome situations of conflict and actions of our political representatives”, by the former, and in the attacks on the Monarchy , according to Berenguer, for whom “they are attacks on the Spanish Transition process and the Constitution, on the great efforts that were made to make this possible”.