BROSETA collaborates with CIDEN in helping those affected by the earthquakes in Nepal

With the terrible conditions for those living in Nepal after the recent earthquakes, BROSETA wanted to join the many gestures of solidarity and help to the Nepali people with a donation to the non-governmental organization CIDEN, an NGO that carries out humanitarian action in Nepal and with whom the Group has also collaborated on other occasions. Founded in Valencia by José Lechiguero and Rocío Montero, CIDEN operates in one of the poorest countries in Asia, focusing their efforts on the child population and on women (literacy of homeless children, help for women with problems, generation of employment opportunities for both groups). Some of its major projects include the establishment in the city of Pekhara of a few looms to give work to the women, and the subsequent commercialization in Western countries of products manufactured under the Fair Trade budgets; the establishment in the same city of a shelter for orphaned or homeless children; and the development of a training project so that young people can train as tour guides, as well as of a travel agency and a hostel. With their projects they have rescued, so far, more than 300 people from poverty and illiteracy. Currently, food, health, rescue, logistics, accommodation of the population and damage repair needs are enormous in Nepal. Through the CIDEN website ( you can find more information about the NGO, the specific projects being carried out and the numerous amounts of aid to that country.