BROSETA and the University of Granada present the Chair on ‘Control of tax fraud and prevention of money laundering’

UGR-BROSETA CATEDRA2The Managing Partner of BROSETA, Manuel Broseta Dupré, the Rector of the University of Granada Francisco González Lodeiro, and the top Prosecutor of the TSJ in Andalusia Jesús García Calderón, have presented in Granada the Chair on “Control of Tax fraud and the Prevention of Money Laundering”, promoted by the University of Granada and BROSETA. Pedro Antonio García López, Dean of the Faculty of Working Sciences of the UGR who will host the Chair was also present at the ceremony, as well as partners of the firm BROSETA and others.

Manuel Broseta emphasised the nature of the current situation in the fight against tax fraud and as “the belligerence of administrations has been constant, but has been increased as a result of the financial crisis that we are still living in and that has determined that the world’s major economies have focused their attention on aggressive tax planning and tax havens”. In this sense, “a forum of the importance of the G20 has given a high profile to the OECD which has been promoting standards of transparency in the availability and transmission of tax information between tax administrations,” he said.

The Managing Partner of BROSETA also emphasised “the work of the courts, which in many judgments have made prevailing economic reality of operations on the legal or formal side, discrediting artificial structures designed with the sole purpose of avoiding the payment of a tax”.

In turn, the Chief Prosecutor of the TSJ in Andalusia, Jesús García Calderón, stressed the importance of “the creation of multidisciplinary research teams that are integrated where inspectors of finance, experts in public procurement, and the Judicial Police under the direction of the Public Prosecutor’s Office”, to fight against tax fraud and money laundering.

With respect to the Chair, Manuel Broseta stressed the link with the University world of the firm that he heads and the commitment with the UGR for “being an academic reference for research in the fight against tax fraud and money laundering”. In this sense, “we want to be a focal point that provides knowledge and light to the work of professionals specialising in the prevention of fraud,” he added.

The presentation of the Chair is the materialisation of the agreement signed by BROSETA and the University of Granada last May and another step in the collaboration between the institution and the law firm, after the organisation of several conferences on this subject. The Chair on the “Control of Tax fraud and Prevention of Money Laundering”, will be pioneered in Andalusia, thus beginning a trajectory which it is hoped will lead to it becoming a reference on the academic analysis of Tax Fraud and Money Laundering “in order that enterprises, entities and associations representing the sector have intellectual capabilities and research methodology that provides the same”. To this end, the Chair will organise its activities into four large blocks: training programs, research, publications and dissemination.

In addition, BROSETA and the University of Granada leave open a path to the participation of other centres, departments and institutes of the University of Granada, which will incorporate its researchers into the activities organized by the Chair sponsored by BROSETA.


The UGR-BROSETA Chair will be developed as an educational project and the research will be aimed at professionals in the public and private sector working in the fields of prevention and investigation of money-laundering and combating the financing of terrorism. In addition, this will predominantly occupy University students who want to specialise in order to serve as managers and analysts in subjects such as the prevention of money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism, both in the private sector (financial institutions, large corporations, other similar), and in the public sector (Forces and State Security, Prosecutors and the Judiciary).