BROSETA analyses the innovations introduced by the new Law on Public Sector Contracts

BROSETA has held a new session of its Forum on Administrative Trends in order to explain the innovations introduced in the new Law on Public Sector Contracts, a law that is currently in the pipeline and whose entry into force has a high strategic and political component, since its proposals affect sectors that represent more than 20% of the country’s GDP (Defence, Concessions, Public Administrations, etc.).

The meeting was moderated by Rosa Sanz, a member of the Public Law Department of BROSETA and a State Lawyer, and was attended by José María Gimeno Feliú, Professor of Administrative Law, President of the Administrative Tribunal for Public Contracts of Aragon, Member of the Advisory Board Of the Ministry of Public Works and co-director of the Public Procurement Observatory.

José María, one of the country’s leading experts in public procurement, spoke during his speech on the main aspects to consider in relation to the forthcoming entry into force of the new Contracts Law, highlighting the opportunity of the same in the current context to lay the foundations of the right to transparency, to generate greater efficiency in contracting and gradually reduce corruption.