Adolfo Martín, first Spanish president of the European Association of Tax Law Teachers

Adolfo Martín, Of Counsel of the Tax Law Department of BROSETA, has been named president of the European Association of Tax Law Teachers (EATLP), being the first time that a Spaniard has reached such position in this institution. 

Adolfo is a Professor of Financial and Tax Law at the University of Cádiz, holder of the Jean Monnet Chair of the European Commission of Tax Law of the European Union and Director of the Master’s Degree in Tax Consulting at the Faculty of Law of the University of Cádiz.

The Association that has begun to preside also integrates in its steering committee prestigious professors from all over the world such as J. Freedman, of the University of Oxford; M. Simonek, from the University of Zürich; D. Gutmann, of the University Paris I / Panthéon-Sorbonne; P. Pistone, from the Universities of Vienna and Salerno, and B. Peeters, from the University of Antwerp.

Among the objectives of the EATLP are the development of common methodologies in the study and teaching of tax law in Europe, the promotion of their knowledge and interaction with European institutions and States.