Latin America

The levels of trade between the Latin American countries are growing considerably, as is the establishment of businesses by the same business group in several countries.

Those involved in such businesses demand, more and more often, legal professionals that have, not only the ability to offer, very quickly, a comprehensive overview of the legal issues that arise during the consultation, formalization or conducting such business from the perspective of the legal regimes of all relevant countries, but that also have enough knowledge and experience in the markets and sectors in which they deal with clients and their businesses, as well as first level contacts in sectors and business associations, regulatory authorities, administrations and Governments from different countries of the region.

BROSETA leads a Latin American Alliance of law firms, called The Legal Ibero-American Network, and also boasts an extensive network of top rated partner offices in the region, with the aim of deepening the knowledge of countries and their laws, establishing new ways of collaboration and facilitating the promotion of investment between Latin American countries and Europe.