From its inception, BROSETA has had a clear international vocation, providing consultancy and advisory services to Spanish and foreign clients in all over the world.

Access to international markets is an absolute necessity for the clients of the firm. To ensure the best consultancy in this sphere, BROSETA has a team of highly specialised professionals in, among other areas, investment projects abroad, joint venture agreements, export operations management, establishment of distribution channels with distributors, agents, franchisees or sales representatives in several countries and regions.

Furthermore, the firm has a broad network of front-line partner firms in the main territories that work closely with the BROSETA team on these and other matters under principles of maximum quality, security and customer service.

The firm likewise leads an International Alliance of legal firms in Latin America for the purpose of broadening the knowledge of the countries in the region and their legislations, establishing new channels of communication and encouraging investment between Latin American countries and Europe.

In addition, BROSETA has an office in the city of Zurich (Switzerland), from which serves large organizations, family businesses, entrepreneurs, financial institutions and all types of clients in investment operations and legal affairs in Spain, Europe and Latin America.