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ComplianceBROSETA participates in the International Conference on Compliance

The Firm has participated in the International Compliance seminars, held in Madrid on the 11th and 12th of November.

AEDC_logoBROSETA participates in the European seminar on Competition Law

Organized by the Spanish Association for the Defence of Competition, the ‘Círculo dos Advogados Portugueses de Direito da Concorrência’, the ‘Osservatorio Permanente Sull´Applicazione delle Regole de Concorrenza’ and ‘la Association Française d´Etude de la Concurrence’. [...]

Real Estate Law

Real_Estate The BROSETA Real Estate Law Department is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of specialists with proven experience in cases of vast complexity in the real estate market.

Regulatory compliance

Compliance Through multidisciplinary teams of professionals in the legal environment and experts in risk, BROSETA offers a business solution that aims to strengthen governance systems, internal control and compliance of organizations.