Procedural and Litigation

The BROSETA Procedural and Litigation Department offers its services in all those disputes or conflicts regarding the business world.

The firm takes part in those claims regarding the compliance and/or termination of agreements, unpaid invoices, claims for damages and losses, vices or defects in industrial machinery, etc.

On the other hand it works in defence of the company on more specific issues such as unfair competition, industrial and intellectual property, director liability, challenging corporate agreements, economic offences, arbitration, alternative methods of controversy resolution, among others.

The firm plays a significant role in the defence of major banks and insurance companies in various legal proceedings. To this regard, the team has vast knowledge and experience in this sector, since it currently has over 300 legal proceedings underway throughout Spain regarding bank contracting and insurance.

Furthermore, the Procedural Division is specialised in litigation relative to corporate conflicts, such as the challenging of corporate resolutions or director liability, as well as in legal processes relative to guarantee enforcement, including guarantees for the delivery of quantities advanced in the purchase of dwellings regulated by Law 57/68.

It also has broad experience in litigation relative to the existence of construction defects in real estate, deriving from the application of Article 1591 of the Spanish Civil Code, as well as from the Building Regulations Law.

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