Enrique Hervás

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Law graduate from the University of Valencia (2002).

Masters degree in Legal Consultancy to Businesses from the Foundation for Stock Market and Financial Studies (Valencia). Masters degree in Health and Safety in the workplace.
Started his professional career in Sagardoy Lawyers (Valencia Office).
Currently employed as a specialist employment lawyer.



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    Publications | 3 July, 2017
    Enrique Hervás analyses the concept of absorption and compensation of wages, a tool that allows Human Resources managers to control labour costs and manage the remuneration of their employees.
  • Vacation Pay

    News and Publications, Publications | 20 October, 2014
    On September 17th, the High Court  issued a judgment in respect of vacation remuneration in which they considered the lawsuit brought by the Trade Union CC.OO. (to which they subsequently joined other unions) and declared the right of the… (continues)    

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