BROSETA in Portugal

BROSETA has had an office in the Portuguese city of Lisbon since May 2018. This opening in the capital of the country is the result of a merger with the local firm ROQUETTE MORAIS Y GUERRA, and responds to the growing interest of companies to do business in a country immersed in an ambitious process of growth.

The BROSETA project in Portugal is born with an established DNA of excellence, built with over 40 years of success stories and recognition, and it aims to accompany Spanish companies with interests in Portugal and Portuguese companies, both in their local needs and in their internationalisation projects.

The BROSETA team of lawyers in Portugal, led by Álvaro Roquette, has in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the development of multidisciplinary, efficient and value-generating legal solutions for organisations.

The office of BROSETA in Lisbon is the second physical headquarters of the Firm outside of Spain, together with the presence of the organisation in Zurich, Switzerland, since 2013. The clear international vocation of the Firm is completed by the leadership of BROSETA in the Iberoamerican Legal Network, an alliance of legal firms in Latin America that has a presence in 13 countries and serves the entire continent through more than 400 lawyers.


Álvaro Roquette, Managing Partner BROSETA Portugal; Julio Veloso, Partner of BROSETA
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Tel: + 351 300 509 035
Address: Av. António Augusto de Aguiar, 15. 5.º Esq.º, 1050-012. Lisbon, Portugal