What do we offer?

Joining the BROSETA team means being part of a multidisciplinary firm of great prestige and reputation, with a commitment to quality service and continuous professional development, as well as growth, new technologies, commitment to the environment and the reliability and professional ethics of the staff and their teams.

We offer:

  • To be part of an environment where ethics, commitment, the value of people and a sense of teamwork are the essence of our culture.
  • A system of collaboration in accordance with needs and expectations, both personal and professional of the individual, combining the highest level of service and excellence.
  • The possibility of participating in high-level operations and projects with considerable added value, collaborating with professionals of the highest reputation and experience in their fields of practice.
  • Remuneration at current market rates according to performance, responsibility assumed and the individual contribution to achieve global results.
  • A system of learning based on experience and continuous improvement, fostering academic and intellectual development, supporting activities of training and participation in other disciplines that allow you to obtain the highest level of specialisation.
  • A career plan based on performance and the achievement of results, which recognises merit, good work and your contribution as criteria to reach the highest levels within the firm.