What are we looking for?

All the people who join our firm must possess solid training as well as a high degree of enthusiasm and commitment to our project.

In our firm, regardless of the position for which the candidate is considered, we seek the best talent that, sharing our culture and values, wants to grow professionally and contribute:

  • Qualifications and/or professional experience commensurate with the functions and expectations of the different positions.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and a friendly disposition. The ability to establish personal relationships based on respect, ethics and the building of trust is essential.
  • Excellent communication tools and a clear view of the client’s needs in that specialisation in order to achieve optimal results.
  • Ability to work in team. We are looking for people who value the importance of working in multidisciplinary teams both internally and externally.
  • Very high level of English language proficiency.

In the case of the legal profession, it is essential to have an excellent legal background, and an international vocation supported by the use of information technology. You must learn and keep abreast of the legal, economic, political, social and cultural environment in which you practice your profession.

Legal professionals base their success on the development of skills that enable them to:

  • Cultivate their legal discourse and master the techniques of oral and written argument.
  • Develop their social skills with clients, organisations and various working groups.
  • Work hard for positive achievements to realise optimal results.
  • Develop a systematic working method, ensure excellent preparation of cases and contribute to the efficiency and dynamism of their management.