How to join

Joining our firm is based on a policy of equal opportunities, which guarantees that all our internal processes are aimed at preventing the existence or development of situations of inequality or discrimination in relation to working conditions, selection or career development processes as well as the non-integration or exclusion of people with disabilities.

Our selection process is open and transparent:

-If the vacancies are external, they are advertised universally, and no one is excluded from applying unless they don’t comply with the requirements, experience or abilities that are indispensable in order to adequately fill the post.

-If they are internal vacancies, an objective discussion takes place on who are the best candidates to be promoted, based on merits and their professional career so far.

Contractual and employment conditions are determined by experience, the level of responsibility and the job carried out .

The selection process, once the CVs have been analysed to determine their suitability for the post, begins with an interview by staff from HR, so we can get to know people, assess their skills, their motivations and their professional expectations.

The second phase is a professional interview to validate the candidates’ technical know-how, their command of the English language and any other requirement required for the proper performance of the position.

After these two phases, we proceed to the selection of the final candidates, arranging a subsequent meeting with the management personnel from the Department in question. This last phase will not only discuss technical aspects, skills and personal skills, but also the potential adaptation of candidates to the culture and values of the firm.