BROSETA is a firm with lengthy career in the aeronautic and airport sector. Such experience spans from consultancy services to the Administration on strategic infrastructure projects through to comprehensive consultancy services to several companies that operate or undertake their activity in the aviation sector.

The team specialising in the BROSETA Aviation sector is comprised of a group of multidisciplinary professionals from the firm’s various Consultancy Departments (Administrative, Commercial, Procedural and Bankruptcy, Innovation, Industrial Property, Labour…), with experience in providing consultancy services to numerous companies and public entities in domestic and international spheres.

Among these, worthy of mention are commercial airlines, companies that provide aero-taxi services, companies that render fire-extinguishing services and goods using aircraft (including aircraft sales), airports and airport contractors, aviation sector investors, including venture capital firms, the owners of aircraft operated under a private air transport regime, financial institutions (lessors, etc.) and travel agencies and tour operators.