Javier Morera, Partner
Mail: jmorera@broseta.com
Phone: + 41 445 208 103
Address: Schützengasse, 4. 8001. Zürich

The firm BROSETA opened an office in the Swiss city of Zürich in 2013, where the Firm provides advice to Swiss financial institutions and some of the major Swiss banks installed in Spain, and to a wide clientele in the area of the Wealth Management.

The opening of the office responds, among others, to the transformation of the model of Swiss banking and the demands of transparency and information, which open pathways of advice and collaboration in the Swiss country due to service approach to the place where management is located.

The BROSETA´s office in Zürich also offers its clients, companies and others the expertise and experience of the Firm lawyers in areas and activity sectors such as Tax, Corporate, Labour, M&A, Real Estate, Competition and EU Law, Private Equity, etc.