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Strategic Regional Performance, a new public-private partnership formula

| autor: | Published at: | 7 April, 2015

For the rule of law one thing is essential, among other aspects, i.e. the continuous development of infrastructure and public services, as well as their further improvement and constant preparation. Rosa Vidal, partner of the BROSETA Public Law department explains how the public-private partnership encompasses all modalities through which public administrations take the decision to […]

Tax Debts of Companies in Pre-Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Proceedings

| autor: | Published at: | 11 March, 2015

Enrique Beaus, Director of the Tax Law department of BROSETA in Valencia, in the Financial and Stock Market Studies Foundation Newsletter looks at the obligations of payment of tax debts by companies immersed in pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy proceedings. Debts of Companies in Pre-Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Proceedings

Immediate Payment of Interest on Arrears?

| autor: | Published at: | 3 February, 2015

The TSJCV gave a new ruling on the 8th of January 2015 estimating the injunctive measures of immediate payment of interest on arrears against the Administration. Immediate Payment of Interest on Arrears?, by Noemí Gimeno, specialist lawyer in the Administrative Law of BROSETA. 02/02/15

The reform of the law of Capital Companies. Reviewing the by-laws and internal regulations

| autor: | Published at: | 3 February, 2015

A proper and transparent management in enterprises reflected to the market in terms of prestige, is a key factor for improving efficiency and helps create value and corporate culture. The reform of the law of Capital Companies. Reviewing the by-laws and internal regulations, by Carmen March, Partner of BROSETA. APD Magazine. December 2014

Flexible Dividends Taxation

Tax | autor: | Published at: | 2 December, 2014

The current tax reform on private individuals income tax  introduces several measures that will affect the taxation of investments in listed shares. Also, it removes the exemption of 1,500 euros per year for dividends. Also,… (continues) Flexible Dividends Taxation. By Maria Martinez´, Lawyer in the Tax Department of BROSETA. Expansion 1/12/2014

Criminal risks in entrepreneurial activity

| autor: | Published at: | 26 November, 2014

In the last two decades the Spanish legislator has put entrepreneurial activity in the crosshairs . Since the new Criminal Code of 1995 established numerous new offences related to the world of business, as the corporate crimes… (continues) ‘Criminal risks in entrepreneurial activity’ by Abraham Castro Moreno, Head of the Criminal Department of  BROSETA. Economía 3, November 2014.

The Overvaluation of the Brands

Intellectual property and industrial property | autor: | Published at: | 25 November, 2014

The brand, together with patents, has become the vehicle par excellence for the protection of corporate assets. In fact, at the community level there are more than 114,000 applications for trademarks every year. There is a remarkable tendency to extol… (continues) The Overvaluation of the Brands’. By Laura Aliaga. Expansión 3/11/2014  

The new bankruptcy reform

| autor: | Published at: | 25 November, 2014

The Royal Decree-Law 11/2014, on 5th September, on Urgent Measures in Bankruptcy Matters and the third transitional provision. The possibility of modifying approved agreements when they are unfulfilled. Two major reforms of the bankruptcy law have been approved during 2014 (continued…) By Silvia Camara Lemus. Financial and Stock market Studies Foundation informative newsletter. November 2014

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